I started Utopia in March 2019 as a 15 year old sophomore in high school. I built this clothing company to represent driven and inventive individuals. From initial conception, it’s grown from a small idea to a movement. To me, Utopia stands for the constant pursuit of personal development and improvement. I believe that the idea of perfection is wavering, and everyone has a different goal, a different Utopia.

One in ten men experiences depression, but fear, shame, and a lack of understanding about depression prevents many from seeking help. Men often feel pressured to simply “man up” and “get over it.” There’s the fear that admitting to a struggle or asking for help will be seen as unmanly, and men often reject the idea of taking antidepressants or seeing a counselor. Some men might not even aware that they’re depressed—they just know that life has become unmanageable. Tragically, over 35,000 men die by suicide each year, often due to depression.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that 15% of each sale will be donated to The Face it Foundation. The Face it Foundation’s goal is to help men understand and overcome depression, and reduce the rate of male suicide. They provide men’s support groups, one-on-one peer support, outreach events, public education, and training for mental health professionals.

All products are hand-made and screen printed in the USA. Please be patient due to nation-wide shipping delays. 

**Due to COVID, I will not be delivering any shirts this year and ask you to keep us both safe by allowing me to ship your items**


Thank you for your love and support always,