History: I started Utopia in March 2019 as a 15 year old sophomore in high school. I built this clothing company to represent driven and inventive individuals. From initial conception, it’s grown from a small idea to a movement. To me, Utopia stands for the constant pursuit of personal development and improvement. I believe that the idea of perfection is wavering, and everyone has a different goal, a different Utopia.

Philanthropy: In the winter of 2020, my close friend and teammate Ian Wright tragically passed away. In honor of my friend, I am opening the Ian Wright scholarship fund. This scholarship will be open to only high school seniors from my hometown (Martinsville, Virginia) and seniors will apply within their respective high school. This scholarship fund will be funded by 15% of every Utopia order and assisted by private funding. I hope this scholarship will give Ian his deserving everlasting legacy.

Process: All products are hand-made and screen printed by myself in Virginia. I order comfort-colors blanks which are 100% ring-spun cotton. I then wash the blanks again to soften the cotton and pre-shrink the shirt. After their second wash,. I hand-dye the shirts to ensure superior quality and color selection. The dyed shirts are then sent to a local screen printing shop where I help hand screen-print each shirt. 


Thank you for your love and support always,